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ASHI-Certified-ClickCoastal Property Services Group specializes in Home and Insurance Inspections. Our skilled and expert inspectors provide expedient and valued home and insurance inspections to home owners, home buyers, realtors, and insurance agent clients based here in the Tampa Bay Area.

Knowing the functional condition of the systems in the home (SAVES you MONEY during the home purchasing process) and what construction features of the home (SAVES you MONEY on your annual insurance premium) is most definitely a need to know.

Our primary goal is to educate and inform our clients to help eliminate surprises, lower their risk, and REALIZE THEIR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL SAVINGS during the home purchasing process and many years after. We achieve this goal through the multitude of inspections, energy efficiency and wind mitigation programs we offer.

We provide expert, professional, inspection services.  Call us today! (727) 461-6149

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  • Comprehensive Certified Inspection
  • Unbiased Analysis of the Functional Condition of the Home’s Major Systems and Components
  • Florida Licensed and ASHI Certified Inspectors
  • Computer Generated Report with photos documenting findings
  • Inspection Report Processed within 24 hours after the inspection has been completed
  • We help our clients to become acquainted with the home’s construction features along with operation and maintenance of the systems in the home.
  • We provide our clients with expert information needed to make an educated purchasing decision


  • Wind Mitigation Inspection
  • 4-Point Insurance Inspection
  • Roof Certification Inspection
  • Replacement Cost Insurance Inspection
  • Knob and Tub Wiring, Electrical System Insurance Inspection
  • Cloth Wiring, Electrical System Insurance Inspection


  • Termite Inspection Services
  • Environmental Inspection Services





Mary MJ, Chicago

Thank you for your very professional and thorough Home Inspection and Report for my new home. Your report is well-presented and addressed all of my areas of concerns and "need to knows". I now know why you came highly recommended by my real-estate broker who assured me your work was "top-notch", thorough, and honest. I'm also very pleased with the fast turn-around time of the report.

Thanks again for all your hard work. I really appreciate it!

Jeff R

Thanks for the thorough home inspection!! Your quality work and professionalism absolutely sets you apart from other inspection firms.

Julia F, Clearwater

I want to thank you for making the terror of the experience of buying my first "new home" a lot less overwhelming. I feel armed with knowledge now, and ready to invest heavily in Home Depot. The FHA inspector agreed with your report about the roof. I am recommending you to everyone I know. When the house is finally mine, I'll invite you to the housewarming.

With many thanks!

Andre P, P.A., Bradenton

Thank you for your efficient and expedited condo inspection service.

Jennifer K, Clearwater

Thanks so much for your thorough inspection on the condo. I also wanted to thank you for all your follow up calls. I am very pleased with the level of service you have provided, and will certainly recommend you to all my family and friends.

Thanks again!

Geri G, Real-Estate Professional, Clearwater

Just a note to compliment you on the excellent home inspection and commend you on your professional report. Thanks for a great job.

T.Y.B, Guinee

Thank you for you thorough and prompt home inspection on the existing property I purchased in St. Petersburg, FL.

Ruth J, Largo

Thank you for your vigilant inspection of my future home in Clearwater. I can understand why Walt highly recommended your services.

Thanks again.

Dawn R Largo

Buying our first house was not an easy process. We knew that the inspection would be the most important part of the process and so searched for an ASHI certified inspector. We chose Drew Corazza and got more than we could ever expect. His inspection of the home we wanted to buy was extremely thorough and he patiently explained things to us and made sure we knew the items that were potentially dangerous. I feel confident his report includes anything of concern. He even came out to make sure items we had the owner fix were in fact fixed. We are more than happy and will recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!

Thanks, CPSG

Thank you Drew for performing the wind mitigation and 4 point insurance inspection and sending the inspection information. I have submitted it to my agent with Allstate. As a result I am able to lower my premium almost by 50%!

I appreciate your work and will refer your services to others in the area.

Thank You.
Victoria W., Seminole, FL

CPSG comments: Victoria invested $100 for insurance inspections and realized a 50% annual saving on her home owner’s insurance premium. That’s a 50% savings every year moving forward.

Drew, I'm not sure of the discount directly related to your inspection but in the final outcome my premium was $1,000 dollars less than last year.

Thank you Drew
Mike D., St. Petersburg, FL

CPSG comments: Mike invested $100 for insurance inspections and realized a $1,000 annual saving on his home owner’s insurance premium. That’s a $1000 savings every year moving forward.

The original quote included clips for the mitigation discount but if I can remember right it was a savings of about 350-400 dollars, so it would of been ball park $1650.00-$1700.00.

Thanks Drew,
Mrs. Lorraine L., Largo, FL

CPSG comments: Lorraine and her family invested $65 for insurance inspections and realized a $350 - $400 annual saving on their home owner’s insurance premium. That’s a $350 - $400 savings every year moving forward.